1934 The Magnificent Packard Twelve of nineteen thirty four

From the book 

“As a youth growing up alongside the busy historical Lincoln Highway (Route No. 30) I developed an affection for those great silent black, sometimes forbidding and overpowering giant automobiles we today call Classics. One favorite game was identifying cars from half a mile away.

My father had built, sold and repaired all makes and this exposure gave me an early appreciation of beauty and quality. This later led to many Post War acquisitions of Packards, and the 1934 Twelve became my forte. Settling on just one year and marque for an in-depth study on what had started as a mere compendium soon developed into a major annual undertaking, to keep in order, as more and more vestiges of the marque came to light and as ownership changed.

Actuarially, less than two per cent of all 1934 Twelves should be extant at this late date, but there is no validity to this reasoning when the human emotions of Classic Car ownership are brought to bear. With better than seventeen per cent still in the hands of collectors, it will be interesting in years to come to see how many more and final examples will come to light as a result of this work.

I would like to dedicate this compendium to the late E. J. Blend, Sr., who indeed instilled what little patience I have to see it through. And to dear Trudy who did all the typing and proof reading.”


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