1934 Packard Eight & Super Eight Owner´s Instructions

Every owner of a1934 Packard Eight should have the Owner´s Instructions for his Eight. Here you have the opportunity to buy a high quality reprint, where all the pictures show up in the same quality as in the original. The Brochure is perfect bound. The Cover is printed in the original color and style. That makes it look like an original. The Owner´s Instruction tells you everything you need to know about your Packard Twelve as intended by the Packard Motor Car Company.


- Number Information (Motor Number, Vehicle Number, Body Serial Number)
- Operation
    o Locks
    o Starting The Motor
    o Motor Fuels
    o Gasoline Gauge and Crankcase Oil Gauge
    o Oil Pressure Gauge
    o Ammeter
    o Clutch
    o Transmission
    o Brakes
    o Brake Selector
    o Light Switches
    o Circuit Braker
    o Schedule of Lubrication (necessary Lubricant)
    o Oil Filter
- Equipment
    o Ride Control (adjustable Shock Absorbers)
    o Louvre Doors
    o Adjustable Seat
    o Ventilation
    o Steering Gear Adjustment
    o Windshield
    o Windshield Wipers
    o Cigar Lighter
    o Tools
- General Care
    o Anti-Freeze Solutions
    o Radiator Protection
    o Battery
    o Gasoline Filter
    o Carburetor Air Cleaner
    o Chassis Lubrication Tank
    o Tire Pressures
    o Changing Wheels
    o Removing Spare Wheel from Carrier
    o Mounting Spare Wheel
- Care of Body and Finish
    o Washing and Polishing
    o Care of Upholstery
    o Care of Tops
- License Data (Number of Cylinders, Bore and Stroke, Horsepower, Shipping Weights)
- Capacity Information (Cooling, Gasoline, Crankcase, Transmission, Rear Axle, Steering Gear)



  • High Quality Reprint

  • Color Cover

  • Black and White inside

  • 40 pages

  • Dimensions 5.8” x 8.3”

  • Paper weight 61 lbs

  • Perfect bound



45$ plus shipping
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