1934 The New Standard of Fine Car Measurement

In Alvan Macauleys´experience with the Packard Motor Car Company he had seen depressions come and go. And he had learned that the best way to get anything productive out of them is to be ready for the upturn with motor cars so fine that they actually tempt people to buy. With this in mind Packard had used the past lean years to expand their engineering facilities and to invest more in developing, testing, and proving our new car designs than ever before.

This brochure describes how the new 1934 Packard had become the Yardstickthe new Standard of Fine Car Measurement.


  • The New Yardstick PACKARD CARS - An Interpretation by ALVAN MACAULEY

  • Alvan Macauleys Thoughts about the years 1931, 1932 and 1933


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