1934 Packard Super Eight Prestige Brochure

Many Packard collectors think that 1934 was best year for Packard, not in terms of production numbers - those were still low because of the depression - but because of the styling and the technical features those Packard´s offered. 1933 was a very short production year and Packard put all the effort in the 1934 model year to increase sales. This brochure gives you a very good inside of the classic lines of the different body styles offered in 1934 and points out the technical advanced features as for example the vacuum assisted four wheel brakes with the possibility to choose the support in four different levels by a switch on the dashboard.



-          Thirteen Handsome Body Types – Open and Enclosed

-          Description of Super Eight details

-          Packard Super Eight Specifications



-          High Quality Reprint

-          Full Color

-          20 pages

-          Dimensions 11.7” x 8.3”

-          Paper Weight 101 lbs

-          Spiral Bound



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