1934 The New Packard Cars

From the brochure:

“In its new 1934 cars Packard offers a true measuring gauge of motor car values. And if ever a "yardstick" was necessary in buying a motor car, it is now—now that the curtain has definitely risen on bettered conditions and a car-hungry public is making a strong return to the fine car market. In the recent past, people have kept their old cars years longer than they ever expected. They have kept them so long they have literally forgotten the fine points of fine car buying. For they have lost touch with the many new and startling improvements that now are a part of certain automotive designs. While these owners have been adding extra years to their old cars, Packard engineers have been crowding the automotive progress of ten years into the short space of the past three. The result is the new 1934 Packard cars — cars so outstandingly fine that they well deserve their title of "yardstick" Packards, a title earned in Proving Grounds tests and comparisons with the best that the fine car field can offer. So with the knowledge that there are other fine cars, we cordially invite you to ride first in the 1934 Packard of your choice. Then ride in any other fine car. After that, decide which fine car will be yours. We feel sure it will be a Packard, if you will but accept the loan of the "yardstick" your Packard dealer stands ready to grant you without the slightest obligation on your part.”


  • The New Packard Cars of 1934

  • Eight – Super Eight - Twelve


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