1932-1936 Packard Twelve Service Parts List

From the brochure


In compiling this parts list we have endeavored to arrange in the most convenient manner, necessary data for ordering repair parts.

The text is indexed both alphabetically and numerically, with illustrations distributed so that each cut is in close relation to its text. Wiring diagrams are incorporated, which not only show the method of wiring these cars but also list the piece numbers of all units used in the electrical system.

Repair parts for some accessory units are herein listed and illustrated under the manufacturer's own piece number. Distributers should order these from the Packard factory and dealers should order from their distributer, using the manufacturer's piece number when no other number is shown. Customers should not be sent direct to the accessory manufacturer or their local agent for service.


Front axle: ........... front side of axle

Motor: ................. left front side of cylinder block

Steering: .............. upper face of steering gear housing

Frame: ................. upper face of left hand side member

just forward of dash

Clutch and transmission: right rear end of case

Rear Axle: ............ left lower side of differential

carrier flange

Vehicle number: ....... stamped on the plate, fastened to

front face of dash



905- 906 - 900,001 to 901,000 1005-1006 - 901,001 to 901,600 1107-1108 - 901,601 to 905,100 1207-1208 - 905,101 to 904,000 1407-1408 - 904,001 up

Many special notes appear after the part names showing some of the parts listed herein being used or not used on certain models or body types and these notes should be watched very carefully when ordering from this book.”



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