1934 Packard Custom Cars

To the MAN who knows old Masters, understands fine Gobelins, enjoys rich Orientals and appreciates the other treasures of his home—a Packard Custom Car for his garage! Each supplements the other in its finished artistry and tare perfection. And each offers the same joy of owning a masterpiece of limited edition. + +That the Packard edition should be the most distinguished of all custom body offerings is only natural. Two important points justify that statement. One: experience as the first fine car builder to fashion the enclosed body for the automobile, a hand-built custom creation. And two: a graceful chassis of long, lithe lines best fitted to enhance the flowing beauty of the custom builder's skill.Out of this rare combination now comes an array of custom models that answer every rigid requirement of the discriminating buyer who craves the finest in things artistic.

And this taste is amply met by the wide range of individual creations shown on the following pages.


  • High Quality Reprint

  • Blue and White

  • 11 Pages

  • Dimensions 5.8” x 4.1”

  • Paper Weight 61 lbs

  • Saddle Stitched



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