1933 / 1934 The Packard Shop Manual

From the brochure

“To the best of my knowledge, there never was a repair manual issued or prepared by the factory for any of the series of twelve cylinder Packard cars built between 1932 and 1934. An intensive interest in these series for the past forty years has seen my file of prepared factory releases, personal experiences and reflections with other owners, become a nucleus for future owners to refer to in years to come, after the present owners have become history themselves.

Naturally, there was a spill-over back into the tenth series, since my experiences were heavily into the eleventh series. Mechanically the cars share many of the same mechanical components, differences being mostly in the cosmetic area.

Two of the greatest hurdles to overcome in a Twelve are built in engineering problems, the engine valve take up system and the 4000 series Autolite distributor, both of which hopefully I can guide you through.

You will recognize the Packard typeset from the lifts of the semi-monthly factory releases, sometimes very lengthy, sometimes too short, letting the reader hang in space as to what is now considered an expensive hurdle to be overcome, and what then was only a matter of ordering a relatively inexpensive new piece or part.

Many old time mechanics used to throw their hands in the air when an owner would appear at their doors, since other than anti-friction bearings, brake linings and light bulbs, any other part would have to be ordered from a Packard dealer, allowing for little or no markup on a job. Dealers were known to be hostile towards the knowledgeable self-taught mechanics.

Unlike the old time mechanic, we have chosen the route of maintaining one of the world's greatest classic cars because of its inherent complexities, enduring beauty and historical importance,

This book should go along with any Tenth or Eleventh Series Packard when it is sold. Spring 1995”