1932 Preview of New Packard Twin Six

In1915 the six cylinder motor was the standard for fine cars. That year Packard doubled the standard and offered the first American twelve cylinder car - the famous first Twin Six.

In1932, after nearly seventeen years, fine car buyers showed a renewed interest in the twin six idea and the country’s first twelve cylinder motor car builder announced America´s finest twelve cylinder car.

The new Packard Twin Six was far from being just another twelve cylinder car. Its new Packard motor was the result of a continuous engineering experience with twelve cylinder designs for more than sixteen years.Famous twin six air plane and marine motors which had been inconstant production throughout this long period, showed that statement.

The brochure explains Packard´s history of twelve cylinder cars and gives the specification of the new Twin Six.


  • Packard´s History of twelve cylinder cars

  • Showing engine, chassis and Sedan / Limousine Body

  • Packard Twin Six Specifications


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